Entertainment and the Smoke of Societal Inequality and Injustice

Entertainment, though it may seem as innocent as a lamb’s, is a villainous rogue who robs people the justice and equality they deserve. Although it is as innocent as a child’s play, entertainment can lull the masses into false and guileful feelings of security, comfort, and well-being. Entertainment is often the emollient that heals the soul’s ever-burning, painful wounds. It lulls society’s masses into believing all is well. It blocks constructive, critical thought that is essential for engendering long-needed change. The society’s masses are lulled into a deep sleep of false entertainment and condemned to the barrens of poverty, along with a false sense of security. The world’s heartless billionaires have made the streets danceable for them. Society’s brainwashed masses are content to pitch their tents under the shadow of poverty and woe. Their world, riddled with sham and make belief, and falsehood, is a strange, yawning prison. It houses the minds of poor and injustice’s immature lambs, whose minds are carbon copies the desires of the wealthy. Entertainment is the brainwashing tool of choice for “Haves”. It predisposes people towards accepting less than what they are worth and leaves unjust societies unchanged. Entertainment is the result of a society that believes it is doing well, when in reality, it is not. It is like the endless stream of fake entertainment that flows through cities like commuter trains. Their arrival times are so predictable, one just has to wait a few more minutes. Then another comes. The interminable stream lies that flood through human society is just as endless: They appear one after the other-the Lakers’ Championship Game and the Angels and he Red Socks Matchup, Meriwether Chavez Championship Fight and the new Harry Potter movie. If it’s not the Super Bowl Foot Ball Extravaganza it is the Hornets or the Rockets. And if it’s not that, it is the Brad Pitt movie or Michael Jackson Murder Trial. These vain distractions prevent society’s masses blind from seeing what is actually happening around them. One day they will be living in poverty and unable to feed and clothe themselves or their families. How sad and messy is this plight?

Entertainment isn’t necessarily harmful for healthy, balanced human beings. However, the entertainment that is produced in this world contains the virulent seeds to human destruction. The majority of entertainment events created by society’s top power brokers and social engineers are cleverly crafted fairy tales. These stories, which are essentially a feel-good story, are cleverly and aesthetically designed to provide society with something that they don’t have. These fairytales create beautiful worlds in which society’s creators can take otherwise grouchy and disillusioned people. One might say, “Hey, things don’t look so good for me right now; but at least I can see Tom Cruise movies, work on Wall Street Stock Market or visit Las Vegas over the week.” I am going to see things turn around. Even though education costs have risen dramatically over the past 20 years, I still have the option to go back to school. People are unable to see the larger picture of the rich ruling over the poor in America and the need to change it. The fairytale of secular entertainment is a barrier to understanding the bigger picture. The truth is that the fairytale of false entertainment in American culture is a fabrication. However, it’s one that is hard to see. First, society’s masses need to be made aware that they are all blind. Then, they must begin to look for an opthamologist who can fix them. After they have accepted that they are blind, and taken the appropriate steps to correct it, they can begin to look into their own natural intelligence to find out what it is. Only this will set them on the road to true success. This is when the harmful effects of false entertainment will become evident and can be eradicated forever.