Tips for maintaining air conditioner


A broken AC unit is the last thing you need. You might feel the heat, but you may be sweatier if your AC unit needs to be replaced. There are simple tasks that you can do to maintain your AC unit. These AC maintenance tips will help you keep your AC running smoothly.

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AC Maintenance Services

It is best to do AC and HVAC maintenance before you need it. You can ensure your AC runs more efficiently by maintaining it before summer’s heat hits. This will help you save money and keep your home cool.

It is important to have your cooling system maintained in the middle to late spring. This will allow you to plan for summer and contact a professional if necessary.

You should spend time on both the outside and interior components of your air conditioner unit.

Outdoor Air Conditioning Maintenance

Although it may seem intimidating, maintaining a condenser unit in good condition is easy.

Turn off the unit. It is safer and more responsible to turn off the AC before you start AC maintenance. You can prevent injury by cutting off power to your AC unit.

Clear debris. Clear away any debris that could clog your unit. It is possible to remove the cap and clean out the inside of your condenser using a shop vacuum.

Clean the fins. The condenser coil is protected by the fins, which are small prongs made of metal. Clogged fins can cause problems for homeowners with their air conditioners. To remove any buildup, you can use a low-pressure hose. It’s best to take off the condenser lid and spray the inside.

Make sure the fins are fixed. These delicate metal pieces can be bent. You can use a butter knife to straighten the fins of the condenser unit. A fin comb is a small tool that can drag and straighten multiple fins at once.

Make sure you have insulation on your coolant pipes. A thick layer of insulation should be placed on the line that cools your air conditioner. These protective linings can be damaged by sunlight. This insulation protects the pipe and keeps the refrigerant from freezing.

Indoor Air Conditioning Maintenance

It is equally important to keep track of the indoor components in your AC unit.

Drain it. Condensate from your AC drain can collect water and condensation that your air conditioner emits. This plastic tube could become a breeding ground for mold, which can clog your system. If your condensate drain is already clogged, you can use AC pan pills to prevent it from clogging.

Make sure you check your filter. For keeping dust and dirt out of your blower, a quality filter is vital. We recommend that each home replace its filter at least once every three months. This will ensure your AC runs efficiently and prevent performance problems.

Look for leaks. Not all AC maintenance services can be done at home. You should seek professional assistance if you find a leak in the refrigerant lines of your AC unit.

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These tips will keep your AC unit in top condition. However, a Brisbane Air Conditioning Services can be a safer and more effective option to fix your cooling and heating system problems. We guarantee quality work. Here technicians are professionally trained to install, repair, and maintain all of your cooling and heating systems.