Do Not Make Cabinet Hardware An Afterthought In Your Kitchen

You think of the big things when you plan a kitchen remodel. The countertops, the cabinets, and the flooring are all important. We want to remind you that even the smallest details can make all the difference. Hardware is a key component in kitchens.

The look and feel of your kitchen can be affected by the hardware. We recommend that you replace any broken or damaged hardware to make it more attractive for renters, as well as when you don’t have the budget for a complete remodel. Don’t forget about Baldwin door hardware when planning a kitchen remodel or a new one. These guidelines will help you choose the right hardware for your new kitchen.

Select Your Cabinet Style First

Your kitchen’s style and the type of cabinets you choose will determine the style of the cabinet hardware you choose. Traditional cabinets have more complex faces and require traditional hardware. Cabinets with flat or simple faces will look better with minimalist knobs and pulls. Modern cabinets don’t need hardware: They have grooves along the edges or can be opened by push latches.

Access hardware is a great choice for an elegant, modern look. Modern, slim-line finger pull hardware that attaches to the top or edge of a drawer is a great choice for modern flat-front cabinets.

Think About The Other Metals You Have In Your Kitchen

What color will you choose for your appliances? How about lighting? Your faucet? Some people may not care about matching hardware with appliances. We’ve seen many kitchens with stainless appliances and brass pulls. If you want everything to match, you should consider the entire kitchen when choosing the color of your pulls. Black hardware is a good choice if your stainless appliances don’t suit you.

Placement Is Important

After you have found the right style and color of hardware for you, you will need to decide how to hang it.


It is easy to hang knobs on a flat front cabinet. The knobs should be placed at an equal distance from the cabinets’ sides. You can use a guide to help you get the measurements correct. You can test a few knobs before drilling a whole kitchen.

If the knob is too big to fit into the corner between the stiles, hang it centered on the vertical stile with the knob’s bottom aligned with that of the horizontal stile. For lower cabinets, the knob’s top should be aligned with its bottom. This Ivory Lane kitchen is a great example.


If you are using pulls for flat-front cabinets, make sure the bottom corner is at least one inch from the sides of each cabinet. The bottom corner of the pull should be centered on the vertical stile. For a lower cabinet, the top of the horizontal sile must be equidistant from the bottom. These aren’t easy rules. You may need to modify them depending on the look of your cabinets and hardware, but they’re a good starting point.


Hanging drawer hardware comes in a variety of styles. Drawer pulls, knobs or cup pulls are usually centered on the drawer’s face. You may prefer to hang them closer towards the top of the drawer in a modern kitchen. Which style should you choose? You can choose whatever look you prefer in your kitchen. Be consistent with your drawer styles.