Why Do You Need Commercial Gym Mats For Your Fitness Center?

If you own a gym or fitness center, you probably like helping others get and remain in shape. You’ve also put a lot of effort and money into the building, programs, and equipment that enable your customers to do so. The last thing you want is for those customers to get hurt while working out at your gym. A slip and fall or another mishap can not only put you out of commission for a period, but it can also expose you to costly and time-consuming personal injury lawsuits.

You’ll also want to protect your facilities from the wear and tear of hefty exercise machines and regular use. You’ll need commercial gym mats to achieve both of these objectives – minimizing injuries and mishaps while also maintaining your fitness facility in great shape.

Accidents and injuries are less likely when using commercial gym mats.

Gyms, workout areas, fitness centers, and other places where people exercise are full of risks that can cause serious injuries if they slip and fall. Recreational exercise injuries send around 295,000 Americans to the emergency room each year. Given how packed gyms and similar establishments may become and the types of activities that people partake in while there, this isn’t surprising.

Commercial gym mats absorb moisture and reduce slippage, minimizing the risk of an exercise-related slip and fall at your gym. These gym-specific mats are incredibly absorbent and robust, addressing some of the most common causes of gym slips and falls. This includes slick floors generated by sweating on the floor, dripping water from showers, or drinking while exercising.

Protect Your Facility’s Floors with Gym Mats

Commercial gym mats safeguard not only your visitors but also your facilities. Treadmills and elliptical machines, as well as weights and stationary bikes, can scratch and scuff your floor, making it appear old and worn. These machines can also dig holes and fractures in the flooring. Commercial gym mats will protect your floors for much longer, saving you money in the long run.

At ultimate mats, we provide a large selection of commercial mats to protect both your flooring and your visitors. Gym mats give a smooth landing for jogging, leaping, skipping, or hopping in addition to absorbing perspiration. They give traction and a more forgiving surface that is easy on the body while cushioning the floor from the impact of fallen weights.

Our Ever last Mats are the gold standard in the fitness industry. They come in a variety of colors and thicknesses. These mats are almost indestructible and made entirely of recycled rubber. They come in sectional and wall-to-wall options.

Mega Lock Gym Tiles are extremely beneficial for difficult layouts or changing footprints because they can be reconfigured as needed. They’re bacteria-resistant; come in eight different colors, and won’t leave a stain or scratch on your floor if you move them around.

We provide Carpeted Gym Floor Mats if you want to keep your workout space particularly clean. These mats come with a disposable adhesive sheet (refills are available) that is used to remove debris from people’s shoes before they enter the workout area.