Few Ideas for Kitchen Wall Art Decor

A Guide to Learn About the Various Types of Kitchen Wall Art

The kitchen is considered a core part of a house. Which is not only used to prepare food, but also reflects an image of the whole house to the homecoming guests. Hence, it is necessary to keep the house functional, convenient, and well maintained. However, with extra objects like artwork, you can make it look even more attractive and eye-catchy.

Where you can find beautiful paintings for your kitchen?

If you are looking for beautiful artwork for your kitchen wall then, you can contact Lana Zueva artist, a Russia born artist specializing in oil painting. Lana Zueva is also experienced in different painting techniques. many of her works include portraits, still life, landscape, and animals. She believes in bringing joy to their customers through her painting.

Different wall art ideas to make your kitchen wall more attractive

Several wall art ideas will add glamour and fun to your kitchen. So, let’s have a look over some such ideas:

  • Mixed up: you can mix up different art ideas for example color texture, and even calligraphy. You can try arts and doodles that will signify the diversity in the personality of the whole family members.
  • Food inspired: you can also try artworks that are inspired by different food recipes, fruits, or vegetables. With a little touch of creativity, you can make it look more mesmerizing, you can also add some flavor of fun by making smiley and other expressions over the artwork.
  • Position it right: you can make the artworks and the kitchen look more attractive with proper placement of the paintings. For example, it will drag the guest’s attention more when it will be placed at a place nearer to the interactive areas of the kitchen. Also, you can arrange them with different patterns.
  • Create a story: with a bit more creativity you can signify different stories using your artwork. It will add more fun and uniqueness to the kitchen wall. You can take different kitchen utensils, fruits, and vegetables as a reference for the character and your storyline.
  • Humour and inspiration: you can also try different quotes based on food or anything humorous that will fill the environment with enjoyment and a happy and positive vibe.
  • Art corners: you can make a particular region of the kitchen wall your art corner where you can arrange all the artworks that you want on your kitchen wall. However, try to make the art corner in such a place where people will notice it more frequently.
  • Landscape: you can add a flavor of nature with large landscape paintings not only landscape painting but you can try paintings based on different themes that you find suitable for your kitchen.

Here are some of the paintings available:

  • Juicy lemon oil painting
  • Milk jug and plum oil painting
  • Apple painting
  • Orange oil painting
  • Country flower oil painting

These are some of the available fabulous paintings that will create aesthetic vibes around the kitchen.


Oil paintings are one of the best ideas that enhance the beauty of the kitchen. However, add only those paintings that are suitable for your kitchen.