What’s The Safer Drivers Course?

The Safer Drivers Course was specifically designed to make young drivers less than 25 years old safer. This course helps learner drivers to identify road hazards and prevent accidents. To better understand the course’s value for learner drivers, we will examine it closely and see what is in the Safer Drivers Course.

Introduction To The Safer Drivers Course

Road safety experts designed this course for learners who have never driven alone before. Road safety experts consider it to be the best of its kind in the country.

This course will improve your driving skills by teaching you how to reduce road hazards and use safe driving techniques. Learner drivers will be able to identify common types of crashes and their contributing factors, which will help them to reduce the likelihood of getting into an accident with a motor vehicle.

Road safety experts examined the factors that contribute to motor vehicle accidents involving young drivers when developing the course. The course was not taught to younger drivers. These risk factors are what help learner drivers become safer drivers and better drivers by educating them. The course covers speed management, gap selection, crash avoidance, and hazard perception.

Who Can Complete The Course?

You must be a learner driver to be eligible for this course

Are less than 25 years of age

A valid learner’s license is required

You must have 50 hours of the on-road driving logbook. This does not include any bonus hours earned under the graduated licensing program.

What Happens In The Safer Drivers Course

There are 2 modules in the safer driver course.

Module 1 Theory

This interactive 3-hour-long group discussion is engaging. Facilitated by a trained facilitator in an informal setting. Participants have the chance to participate in meaningful peer group discussions. This program is designed to help you develop safe driving habits. Each learner leaves with more knowledge and a better grasp of the key road safety strategies.

Module 2 Practical In-Car Driving

Module 2 lets you put into practice the concepts learned in module 1. You will learn low-risk driving strategies under the supervision of a qualified driving instructor. Your instructor will show you how to spot road hazards and how to manage them.

How To Choose The Right Driving School

The state government introduced this course, but it doesn’t actually run the courses. Transport has approved several providers to run the courses for them. You should choose a driving school that is close to you.

Professional driving lessons are also available. You can follow up your safer driver course with driving lessons in order to develop safe driving habits.

The safer driver course will teach you many new strategies and concepts that will help you be a safer driver. You will be able to learn safe driving skills in local conditions by taking the course with local driving instructors.

Safer Driving Course

The state government reserves 1,000 places each year for families with low incomes to take this course. The course is open to learner drivers from disadvantaged families. Many learner drivers with disabilities struggle to pass the 120 hours of logbook hours required for the provisional driving exam. This is a great opportunity for learner drivers to earn an additional 20 hours of logbook hours and increase their road safety skills.